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Martin Feed, LLC is a family owned and operated feed business. The Martin family began in the bakery waste industry in the 1960's when Frank E. Martin Sr. started collecting waste to feed his cattle. We now collect waste bakery material and sell the processed product to dairy farms throughout California. The process starts with the collection of materials from facilities that generate waste bakery products. Such products include bread, dough, crackers, pastries, pies, tortillas, and cookies. Our own trucks pick up the material. The material is collected either in trash-style bins, or roll-off/compactor containers. Once collected, the material is returned to our yard located at 8755 Chino-Corona Road, Corona, CA 92880, where all non-bakery material is removed from the load. Once removed, the load is placed on a slab of concrete to be sun dried. Once dry, the materials are mixed together and ground in an industrial grinder.      

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